IMS has gained experience designing and building equipment specifically intended for application in the medical industry. Through this experience, we have become familiar with both the safety and health standards associated with this industry.

IMS designs each of its medical systems to perform a task with maximum efficiency, while also exceeding safety and design standards, such as special material requirements, specific part handling methods, clean room conditions, controls requirements, and numerous safety and progress checks.


After gaining experience in the pharmaceutical industry, IMS understands the strict environmental and sanitation standards associated with it. Engineers at IMS know how to incorporate these standards into their designs in order to create a system that can quickly and efficiently accomplish a task, as well as maintain a clean, safe environment.


When designing a system for the ammunition industry, one thing is more important than all else – safety. Thoroughly identifying all potential hazards during concept design, incorporating the use of bulletproof polycarbonate safety guarding, and combining the use of both electrical and mechanical fail safes are just a few techniques we use to ensure the safety of our systems. Although it is general practice at IMS to incorporate these safety techniques into our designs, the outstanding performance and reliability of our systems are never hindered.


When designing a system for an automotive manufacturer, our engineers take the extra steps to ensure its reliability and durability, while also making sure to maximize its performance so that the customer is better equipped to handle the high demands of the automotive manufacturing environment. An equipment failure can mean the difference between meeting a quota and missing it. IMS builds machines that are rugged enough to handle any job, and reliable enough to minimize down time due to equipment failure.

The energy industry has been under constant pressure to make the change toward clean, “green,” energy. At IMS, we help our customers make that change by working with them through every step of the production of their automation system. Our machines can be adapted to accommodate for changing products, the addition of new products, or for different parts all together. IMS is dedicated to making the transition to clean energy as simple and efficient as possible.

Due to recent increases in efficiency requirements, greater liabilities now rest on the shoulders of all appliance manufacturers. IMS has designed and produced state of the art testing and assembly systems that allow our customers to rest a little easier. Accurate testing during manufacturing is vital to minimizing liability issues between appliance manufacturers and consumers, and IMS has much experience designing automated testing/assembly systems, semi-automatic testing stations, and simple product checking fixtures.


Plastic injection molding is a massive industry that is responsible for the production of countless different products. The diversity in size, shape, density, hardness, and purpose of products made in this process is endless. However, IMS is an innovative company that has experience designing systems to perform all sorts of tasks on all sorts of injection-molded products. We have done everything from trimming “sprews” and “runners,” to using high-tech precision inspection systems to test parts with highly critical dimensions. Whatever your automation need may be, IMS can make it happen.


In today’s economy, the demand for consumer goods is higher than ever. At IMS, we understand the importance of reliable equipment due to the demand for large volumes of products. We have experience producing systems that do everything from the assembly of consumer goods, to testing, to packaging, and all of our systems are thoroughly tested to minimize time and money our customers spend on repairing equipment, and to maximize their revenue.


IMS welcomes the opportunity to evaluate & provide an innovative solution for ANY application no matter the industry.  If we feel we cannot provide a cost-effective solution that will exceed your requirements, we will point you towards a resource that can!

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